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Why Choose a University Course at Newman: What Our Students Say

Eleanor Clayton: Foundation Degree in Teaching & Learning Support

“Personally, I have found the course very interesting and as I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant I have been able to apply what I have learnt directly to my role. I hope to become a teacher eventually.

I really enjoyed the Developing Child module, as it links well to practice and has helped me to understand why we implement certain strategies in school. I have found some modules harder than others, however, I do feel the lessons as a whole are informative and relevant.

Attending the course one day a week has allowed me to continue my full-time working hours and complete the coursework flexibly, in my own time. If I had not come across this course, I’m not sure I would have been able to return to education, as it was essential for me to maintain my income.  Overall, I feel this course is a stepping stone to achieving my goal of becoming a teacher and is helping me to build my own confidence in practice.”


Charlotte Mansfield: Teaching and Learning Support Foundation Degree

“I am really enjoying the Teaching and Learning Support Foundation Degree. It’s really interesting learning about new concepts when it comes to children and education and how I can further develop my own practice using those concepts. For example, in the National Curriculum module, we have learnt about different acts of legislation and how it links to our setting’s policies and that has really helped me understand where the setting’s policies are constructed from and how they work, to ensure the best possible education for children. Also, the Developing Child module has taught me about different theorists of child development and how we can use those theories in practice to become well-rounded practitioners. For example, learning about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs really helped me understand that the basic needs of children need to be met before reaching “self-actualisation” and them being able to complete work.

I have balanced studying a full-time degree course and working full-time quite well as I am a very organised person. I find that the workload is very manageable and the tutors are extremely helpful in allowing lots of time to complete work through assignment workshops.”


Parese Brown: Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning Support

“I am really enjoying the Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning Support.

During my first year of studying and working full time, I didn’t find it too stressful or overwhelming as I had support from both work and tutors if I needed it. In my second year, I have been on maternity leave and therefore have not been working. I also took a term off from studying but my tutor, Hayley has been really understanding and supportive and has enabled me to gradually get back into routine and studying. I have been able to catch up with work at my own pace and all my tutors have been available with support and advice when I needed them.

I have found the modules really interesting, and it has allowed me to put what I have learned into practice. I am looking forward to hopefully progressing onto Level 6 after completing this year.

I would 100% recommend Cardinal Newman College to anyone wanting to complete a degree within the childcare sector. The tutors are amazing, supportive, and very approachable.”


Lisa Sadikot: Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning Support

“At first I found it quite difficult to balance the work with a full-time job and a family, but as I have got into the routine of what is expected and knowing when assignments are due, I have managed to organise my time better.

The modules I have completed so far have been very interesting, I have particularly liked the Developing Child module and learning about all the theories that mould our educational system. Learning about these theories has helped me a great deal in my practice, especially Skinner’s theory of positive reinforcement. I work with younger children in a primary school and the prospect of stickers and team points for good work really makes a difference to what work they produce and the effort they put into it.

I am really happy I chose to pursue my career at Cardinal Newman College.”


Alex Kelly: Foundation Degree in Teaching & Learning Support

“I am thoroughly enjoying my time on the Teaching and Learning Foundation Degree course, even through these challenging times. The support I am receiving from my tutors is outstanding. Tutors always provide helpful feedback, which is one of my favourite things as I am never left struggling or unsure as to what areas of my work need improvement.

My progression from Level 3 to a degree course at Cardinal Newman College has been seamless, which is something I was worried about. However, with the assistance of the staff, I haven’t had a single worry. Not only has volunteering helped my knowledge towards the course, via applying my own real-life scenarios to my assignments, but the course has also boosted my confidence within the workplace, as it is providing me with the correct skills to work at the best of my ability, which is reflecting through my grades.

The thing I love most about the course is that it is only one day a week, allowing for flexibility to include placement, a paid job and spending time with my son. I do not feel restricted or overwhelmed, therefore have plenty of time to incorporate a social life, balanced with sufficient time to complete coursework too.

The modules on this course are interesting and relevant to my practice and I love that our class size means we can always have a detailed group or individual discussions about each module during our lessons. This has been highly beneficial when completing assignments and including appropriate and accurate information.

Overall, I am happy with my decision to join the course and I am excited to continue on this brilliant journey.”


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