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Student Support

At Cardinal Newman College every student matters and we will strive to give you outstanding student support both inside and outside the classroom.

Your Achievement Tutor

When you start College you will have your own Achievement Tutor, who will be like your form teacher at school. Your Achievement Tutor will support you in all aspects of College life: from guidance in your studies, help with your study skills, advice regarding possible career progression and applications to Higher Education, to arranging any extra help or support you may need during your learning. Through regular one-to-one reviews of your progress, individual target setting and action planning, your Achievement Tutor will work with you to ensure that you reach your full potential. Find out More>>

Learning Support

To enable all students coming to Cardinal Newman College to achieve their learning goals, the College has a dedicated and specialist Learning Support team. The team has wide experience in supporting students with specific learning needs and is able to continue with the support students may have received at their high school. They also support students with the management of any special health needs, or if students experience other difficulties at particular times.

They also liaise with the Examinations Office to ensure that there are individual arrangements in place for examination concessions. This can include assessment for additional time, provision of readers and scribes, and the use of word processors.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment to discuss study support, contact the Learning Support Manager on 01772 460181.

College Counselling Service

If you feel the need to talk in confidence about issues that are worrying you, then we have College staff counsellors available for consultation. Don’t forget that your Achievement Tutor, or any member of the College staff is also available to discuss anything at all that might be bothering you during your time at College. Find out more>>

Health & Wellbeing

We are a signposting Service. We suggest a range of practical resources to support your emotional needs. Signposts include mental health organisations, NHS-Approved apps and worksheets.Β Find out more>>

Careers Guidance

We have a specialist careers team who will help you make the right moves and choices for your future. There is a dedicated area in the St Wilfrid’s building, with information on a wide range of careers information about every university in Britain, access to various databases and information on gap years. A specialist careers advisor will always be available to discuss your individual career plans.
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Every Student Matters

At Cardinal Newman College, every student really does matter and parents and carers should be aware that the College will take any reasonable action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its students. If you are worried about a student you can contact the Pastoral Support Managers at the College.

We recognise the damage that can be caused by bullying, in all its forms and have a zero tolerance policy towards any behaviour that causes anxiety or distress to others. We regard each person as worthy of the utmost respect.

Child Protection and The Curriculum

The College curriculum can play a part in Safeguarding. The College offers this in RE and the Tutorial programme where related issues may be highlighted in a sensitive and reflective way. Awareness can be raised about the risks of different kinds of abuse and young people can be taught skills they need to help them keep safe and to feel that they can speak to members of staff should they have concerns of this nature.



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