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Medical Society

What is Med Soc?

Med Soc is an enrichment opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing a career within a medical profession, such as a doctor, dentist or vet. The main purpose of the Med Soc is to support students throughout the application process onto a medical degree course.

Who is it for?

All students who are studying A-Level Chemistry are invited to apply to join the Med Soc. There are 50 places per year and places are allocated based on GCSE results, progress during the first term and programme of study at Newman. Students who want to pursue a career with a medical profession usually need to be studying A-Levels in Chemistry and Biology, plus at least one other subject, so suitability for the Med Soc will be determined from the range of subjects being studied at A-Level.

What Will I do?

You will be invited to apply for the Med Soc during the first term of your first year at College if you are studying A-Level Chemistry. Successful candidates will meet for one hour every two weeks during term time.

The Newman Med Soc delivers a programme of lectures, visits and other activities throughout the spring and summer term of your first year at Newman. Β During the second year, the programme is open to anyone who is intending to apply for a degree in either Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science and who has achieved a minimum of grade B at the end of their first year of study. The focus during the second year is on writing personal statements and preparation for interviews at Medical Schools and for the UKCAT or BMAT tests. Students will be able to take part in MMIS, which are mock interviews conducted by university professionals to ensure that they are as prepared as possible for the real interviews.

Career Opportunities

There are numerous careers available to students who have taken part in the Med Soc beyond the typical Doctor, Dentist and Vet. These include Physiotherapy, Optometry, Radiography, Pharmacy, Nursing and Biomedical Sciences, all of which are competitive degree courses, so by taking part in Med Soc, you will be boosting your opportunities and likelihood of being accepted onto a degree course in one of these areas.

Key Points for Applying for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science:

  • Early application process
  • Relevant, self-organised, work experience is essential
  • The highest A level grades needed – typically AAA
  • A Level Chemistry and (usually) Biology essential
  • Excellent people skills and sound motivation are essential
  • Selection interviews are important
  • There are additional selection tests; either UKCAT or BMAT
  • Lots of people apply – between 1 in 5 and 1 in 15 of applicants are successful (depending upon university)
  • It takes 5 or 6 years to qualify
  • Foundation year courses are available. These are intended for conversion from other disciplines rather than to supplement poor A level grades

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