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Where are they now?

At Cardinal Newman, we are blessed with a diverse and vibrant student body with an extremely varied range of interests and career aspirations, so it is little wonder that there are many fantastic stories of what our former students have gone on to achieve after leaving Cardinal Newman College.

Discover just some of our great alumni success stories below.

Name: Abby Tomlinson
Years Attended: 2014 – 2016
Currently: Digital Content Manager for the Labour Party
Subjects Studies at Cardinal Newman: Modern History, Ancient History, Religious Studies and English Literature

Abby joined Cardinal Newman in 2014 from Bishop Rawstorne. After completing her A-Levels she headed off to the University of York to study Social and Political Sciences. Currently Abby works as the Digital Content Manager for the Labour Party, managing the content that goes out on the Labour Party’s social media channels and website.

Read more about Abby here.

Name: India Adcroft
Years Attended: 2016 – 2018
Currently: Final year of study at Lancaster University
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A-Levels in Drama & Theatre Studies, Biology and BTEC Musical Theatre

India Adcroft came to Newman in 2016 from Darwen Vale High School to study a mixed programme of subjects including A-Levels in Drama & Theatre Studies, Biology and a BTEC in Musical Theatre. She is now in her final year studying Drama, Theatre and Performance at Lancaster University. We caught up with India to talk about her experiences of studying at Newman.

Read more about India here.

Name: Sophie Naylor
Years Attended: 2008 – 2010
Currently: Head of Department for Performance, Sport & Health
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A-Levels in PE, Dance and Maths alongside Netball Academy

Back in 2008 Sophie Naylor started at Cardinal Newman, studying A-Levels in PE, Dance and Maths. Fast forward 12 years, and she is now a successful Head of Department at Lancashire’s only non-selective, non-fee paying girls school. We caught up with her to find out more about her life as Head of Performance, Sport and Health.

Read Sophie’s story here.

Name: Helen Bradbrook
Years Attended: 2011 – 2013
Currently: Account Manager for a Tour Operator in New Zealand
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A-Levels in German, Biology and Maths

When Helen Bradbrook started at Cardinal Newman back in 2011, she had no idea that her studies and language skills would take her half-way around the world! She studied, German, Biology and Maths at A-Level, now she is living and working in New Zealand and using her German A-Level skills every day.

Read Helen’s story here.

Name: Harvey Beckett
Years Attended: 2015 – 2017
Currently: Studying German and French at Cambridge University
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A-Levels in French, German and Maths

Harvey Beckett joined Cardinal Newman in 2015 to study A-Levels in French, German and Maths. After earning himself A*A*A and an A* in his EPQ, he secured himself a place at Cambridge University. We caught up with him now to find out what he has been up to since leaving Newman…

Read more about Harvey here.

Name: Tayeeb Mohammed Hussain
Years Attended: 2005 – 2007
Current Job: Solicitor- Commercial and Residential Property
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: BTEC National Certificate in ICT, A Levels in Media Studies and General Studies

When Tayeeb first started to look into studying at university, Law was certainly not on his agenda. He had assumed that in order to study Law he would need to have studied it at A Level. After talking to family and friends and receiving some career guidance from his tutors at the College, Tayeeb set about researching Law degrees. Having done his research, he decided that Law was the right path for him, so began making applications to study Law at university.

Read more about Tayeeb’s story here.

Name: Emily Coxhead
Years Attended: 2009-2011
Current Job: Freelance Creative, Specialising in Design, Illustration and Photography
Subjects Studied at Newman: A Levels in Graphic Design, Digital Photography, English Language and EPQ

Emily Coxhead joined Cardinal Newman in 2009 from Parklands Academy where she achieved A*ABB before heading off to Manchester Metropolitan School of Art. Graduating in 2014, with a BA Hons in Graphic Design, Emily has gone on to forge a successful career in the creative industry. After graduating she decided that she didn’t want to work for a company where she felt she would have to give up creative control over her work, so she began attending business workshops to investigate the idea of starting her own business.

Read more about Emily’s story here.

Name: Adam Bully
Years Attended: 2004 – 2006
Previous School: Corpus Christi
Current Job: Senior Account Manager for R & W Scott
Subjects Studied at Newman: Design Technology, BTEC National Award for IT Practitioners, BTEC National Certificate for IT and GCSE Maths

Adam left Cardinal Newman in 2006 heading for UCLan to study a BSc in Computing (Multimedia Systems). After graduating from UCLan in 2009, Adam went into work within the field of IT, working as an IT Assistant before moving into Sales Executive roles. It was here that Adam got his big break into his current role as Senior Account Manager for R&W Scott. Adam was presented with an award for “Company Representative of the Year” at the North West Hospital Caterers Association summer ball, which he shared with family and friends on social media. This was seen by senior management at R&W Scott, who then got in touch with Adam to arrange to meet for a chat. Little did Adam know that this would then lead to him being interviewed and appointed for his current role.

Read more about Adam’s story here.

Name: Callum Biggins
Years Attended: 2005 – 2007
Previous School: Holy Cross
Current Job: Head of Campaigns at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
Subjects Studied at Newman: Maths, Economics, History and Accounting

When he left Cardinal Newman, Callum went to York to study Economics before heading to the Netherlands to do his Masters in European Studies at Maastricht University. After completing his masters he undertook a series of internships in order to gain experience and develop his skills before applying for permanent roles. His first such internship was at the European Parliament in 2011, before taking up a further internship at CentreForum (which is now called the Education Policy Institute).

Read more about Callum’s story here.

Name: Kate Collins
Years Attended: 1991-1993
Previous School: Leyland St Mary’s
Current Job: Director of Fundraising & Marketing for Teenage Cancer Trust
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A-Levels in History, English Literature, French and General Studies

Kate Collins left Cardinal Newman in 1993 headed for the University of Leeds to study History. After graduating in 1996, she went into junior Marketing roles in a variety of colleges and universities, before landing her first job at a charity, working as the Marketing Manager for BBC Children in Need in 1999. Kate said: “Working for the BBC was a superb way of learning more and developing at the same time. I did my professional diploma in marketing with the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) whilst I was working.” After three years at Children in Need, Kate moved to Cancer Research UK where she worked for six years in a variety of different leadership roles, before being given the opportunity to move back to the north to lead the Regional Fundraising Team for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Read more about Kate’s Story here.

Name: Alison Conboy
Years Attended: 1999-2001
Current Job: Head of Energy and Environment for the British Embassy in Washington
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: Chemistry, Biology, Maths and German

 After leaving Cardinal Newman in 2001, alumni Alison Conboy went off to Girton College at Cambridge to study Natural Sciences, before embarking on a masters at Imperial College London. Although Alison loved Science, she felt that she wanted to focus on how Science affects people’s everyday lives, so she decided to study Science Communication.

Read more about Alison’s story here.

Name: Eva Kelly
Years Attended: 1988 – 1990
Current Job: Head of Production and Rights Management at Agatha Christie Ltd.
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: History, English Literature, Sociology and General Studies

Alumni Eva Kelly left Cardinal Newman College in 1990, having studied A Levels in History, English Literature, Sociology and General Studies. Eva had enjoyed Sociology at the College so much, she decided to make this her degree course and achieved a 2:1 in Sociology from the University of Staffordshire. With aims of working within the media, Eva sent off letters to a range of media outlets trying to gain some work experience, before finally getting a chance to meet with someone at Granada. Eva says: “I can’t recommend work experience enough as a way to enlighten students as to whether or not a career or industry or even working environment is right for them.”

Read more about Eva’s story here.

Name: Katy Lenney
Years At Newman: 2011 – 2013
Current Job: Staff Nurse at Manchester Royal Infirmary
Subjects Studied: A Levels in Physical Education, Business Studies and BTEC Applied Science

Katy Lenney joined Cardinal Newman in 2011 from King Edward and Queen Mary’s in Lytham. Studying A Levels in PE and Business Studies, Katy also studied a BTEC in Applied Science, before heading off to the University of Manchester to study nursing.

Katy has now started her first Staff Nurse post at Manchester Royal Infirmary on a general surgical ward, where she will be looking after people post-operatively as they recover from massive life-saving surgeries.

Read more about Katy’s story here.

Name: Sophie Moxon
Years Attended: 2014-2016
Current Job: Project Management Higher Apprentice at Rolls Royce
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A Levels in Business Studies, Economics and Spanish

Sophie Moxon completed her A-Levels and left Cardinal Newman in 2016 to embark on a Higher Apprenticeship Scheme at Rolls Royce. Based at the Sinfin RR Site in Derby, working within Civil Aerospace, Sophie’s role involves looking through contracts and identifying opportunities for cost savings. She must then communicate these findings to the buyer. As well as working in the role, Sophie is studying one day per week for her Project Management Foundation Degree as well as completing an NVQ and taking part in the Princes Trust Million Makers Programme.

Read more about Sophie’s story here.

Name: Corin Heney
Years Attended: 2007 – 2009
Current Job: Alumni Coordinator at International Service
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A-Levels in English Literature, Early Modern History, Religious Studies and Psychology

Former student Corin, joined Cardinal Newman in 2007, after completing her GCSEs at Kirkham Grammar. Deciding she wanted a change and having heard great things about the College, she applied to study A Levels with us. After leaving Newman in 2009, Corin volunteered at a children’s centre in Kenya, before heading off to the University of Edinburgh, where she studied a four-year undergraduate Masters programme, joint honours in English Literature and Islamic Studies.

Read more about Corin’s story here.

Name: Katy Bradley
Years Attended: 2003 – 2005
Current Job: Founder and Managing Director of KTB Music
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A Level Music and a BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts

Former Newman student Katy Bradley attended Penwortham Priory Academy, before starting at Cardinal Newman in 2003 to study a mixed programme of an A-Level in Music and a BTEC in Performing Arts. After leaving Newman in 2005, Katy went on to study at Lancaster University reading Music, graduating with a BMus (Hons) degree. It was during this degree that Katy started KTB Music, her own company which aims to bring Music to people from all walks of life together. As well as offering music tuition, KTB Music also has four choirs, a concert band and a sing-along group.

Read more about Katy’s story here.

Name: George Slater
Years Attended: 2010 – 2012
Current Job: Teacher of Business Studies at Cardinal Newman College
Subjects Studied at Cardinal Newman: A Levels in Business Studies, PE and English Language

Newman Alum George Slater left Cardinal Newman in 2012, having studied A-Levels in Business Studies, PE and English Language, and went off to UCLan to study a degree in Business and Management, for which he earned first-class honours.

Following his success at University, George decided to apply for the School Direct programme at Newman as he felt the partnership of Edge Hill, the UK’s leading Teacher Training University, and Cardinal Newman, one of the top sixth form’s in the country, was unparalleled.

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