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T-Level Students

Early Years & Teaching Placements

Megan Lee – Holme Slack Primary School

I conducted my placement in Holme Slack Primary School. I enjoyed this placement a lot because I liked working with the children, seeing how they developed their skills and learning. The placement supported not only my Children’s Play Learning and Development course, but also my Health and Social Care course, as it allowed me to gain evidence of my points, experience I could link back to. It allowed me to see first-hand the work we had been learning in the classroom, such as how children develop their skills and how they can gradually learn things they struggle with. This is going to help me a lot with my future as I have just registered with a teaching agency, and I aim to work in the school where I completed my placement. One of my most memorable moments was when one little girl in my glass who had just started mid-way through the academic year, with very little English, and with each week I came she was speaking more English and within three weeks she was speaking in small sentences which I found fascinating and I was very proud of her. The best skill I developed was knowing how to get down to the children’s level when explaining or teaching them, for example when I first arrived, I hadn’t had much contact with younger children and my mindset was much more mature therefore making explanations more detailed but working with younger children required me to be simpler in my ways of explaining.

Sachpreet Singh- Roebuck School

Whilst studying at Newman College, I have conducted my placement for Children’s Play, Learning and Development at The Roebuck School, in a mixed class of both nursery and reception children, between the ages of 3 to 5. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on placement, working in an early years setting with young children, as this is something that I have always had an interest in. I found the placement very enjoyable as it was different to view the development and growth of the children as the weeks progressed, as well as helping them along the way, to get those who may have been delayed in their development to the academic stage of development they should be working towards or at. On placement, the thing I enjoyed the most was the ability to improve and gain new skills required to work with young children, as well as having the independence to work with groups of children independently and during one-to-one interactions. The experience I gained from this helped support me on my course at College as these experiences encouraged me to use examples from these tasks I implemented whilst on placement, within my assignments, which lead to me being able to extend my answers and achieving the criteria, in order to pass my units. Also, they helped me to use the knowledge and information or skills that I had learnt in placement, within my college courses. Completing a placement is going to help me in the future as it has provided me with an insight into how young children learn in an early years setting, as well as allowing me to view how they are able to progress in their areas of development and how the staff are able to support those who require additional support. The placement has provided me with the experience, skills and knowledge that I need, in order to continue my passion for working with young children in the future and how I can help them along their journeys. 

Aliyah Batan – Little Angels Nursery

I conducted my placement at Little Angels Nursery. My placement was enjoyable and a purposeful learning experience. The members of the staff were very welcoming and supportive. The placement supported my course at College as it helped me grasp a sense of understanding and form connections through personal experiences at the setting and my assignments. Additionally, the placement helped me learn new skills required for future employment such as adaptability and communication. The most important skill I learnt was leadership, as this skill allowed me to take responsibility, build confidence and manage activities effectively. My most memorable moment at Little Angels Nursery was when I was given the opportunity to carry out my own activity for the children. The activity was baking and I was pleased to see that the children were engaged and achieved the learning outcomes.

Emily Cross-Costello – National Youth Advocacy Service

I carried out my placement with the National Youth Advocacy Service. The thing I enjoyed most about placement was being able to empower young children in care, by teaching them new skills and encouraging them to express themselves. My experience has supported me throughout my course at College as I have been able to apply my new skills and knowledge to assignments on communication and safeguarding children, for instance. The best skill I have developed from my experience is communicating effectively with a range of people with different needs. This is going to be very useful in my future career where I hope to work as a psychotherapist.

Hospital Placements

Eve Archibald – Chorley and South Ribble Hospital

I completed my placement at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital, working within the Brindle Ward, which was a gastroenterology ward. What I enjoyed most about working within this ward was the fact there was always something for me to be doing. My most memorable moment was being asked if I wanted to watch a blood test is done – I was walked through the whole process and had everything explained to me properly in detail – it taught me so much. This supported me within my course at College because it really gave me an insight to the types of professions available through studying this course and it was certainly the right path for me, it has helped me develop resilience and confidence, so I am not afraid to ask to get involved where I can.

Hannah Yates – Preston Hospital

I conducted my placement at Royal Preston Hospital on the respiratory ward (ward 23). Although it was very challenging at times and pushed me out of my comfort zone, I loved the experience. I particularly enjoyed being able to have a chat with all of the patients as it was really interesting finding out about their lives, especially as many of the patients on my ward were elderly. I feel that my placement really supported my development on the course, as it provided me with knowledge that can only be achieved through hands-on experience. As I want to go into a career in midwifery, my placement experience will help me in the future as I now possess so many transferable skills such as communication and confidence. I feel that my communication skills have been the most developed as I often had to adjust the way I was communicating to meet the individual needs of each patient. My most memorable moment on the ward was when I held a dementia patients’ hand while he received a bed bath. He was clearly confused and scared so I sat and held his hand and had a chat with him to distract him and calm him down. This was the moment I realised the impact I was having on others’ lives; it was truly special.



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