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Meet the Achievement Tutors

Stephanie Kenyon

What is the role of an Achievement Tutor at Cardinal Newman?

An Achievement Tutor is sort of like a personal tutor, it is our role to ensure that you are attending your classes and being punctual. We also check that students are achieving their MTG’s in homework and projects, so that if they are struggling we can offer or arrange for students to have help. We also teach one class a week where we cover things such as general studies and skills. Most importantly we are the first point of contact for any problems from the small to the massive and we will do our very best to help students deal with a range of issues – even if it means nagging them for two years!

Helen Gosling

Have you any advice on how to write a good personal statement?

Describe yourself fully as a well-rounded person, not just some subjects and grades – talk about your interests and goals for the future, as well as your experiences and accomplishments in the past.

Amy Fleetwood

What advice would you give to students considering studying at Newman next year?

Come and check us out! We are the top College in the country! We aren’t an exam factory, we want you to achieve at College but also enjoy your short time with us. Two years fly by, believe me, I used to be a student here! The achievement tutors pride themselves on outstanding pastoral care and we are here to support you during your time at College.

Sean Galdo

How are students settling in to Newman and College life?

There’s a real range – some take to it like a duck to water, others find it more challenging and find the size of the College a little daunting. Some also find the lack of a bell, no uniform and first name terms for staff a little strange. The step up from GCSE to A Level is also significant – it can take some getting used to. Though some of my students have required gentle encouragement to persevere, it hasn’t been long before they’ve made new friends, learnt their way around the site and started to make sense of their new subjects.

Paul Bentley-McGhee

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The weekly tutorials are the bit I enjoy the most. We go through a whole range of topics throughout the year and have a chance to catch up so that we can make sure everybody is getting the most out of College. Away from tutorials, each Achievement Tutor has a College e-mail that their students can contact them on and our Tutor Office is room M16 on the Ground Floor of St Mary’s Building.

Charlotte Stewart

What sort of help can you offer to students?

It is a key aspect of the role to encourage students to succeed. Help can be offered in many different forms, but the two main areas are Advice and Support.

Moira Tattum

How are you finding the role so far?

It’s very rewarding and interesting. The day passes so quickly. I enjoy the interaction with students.

Karen Aspden

What sort of help can you offer to students?

I can help students in a number of ways, including managing their attendance and punctuality, time management, settling in, changing course at the beginning of the year, timetable queries, dealing with any problems that are affecting their time at College – and if I can’t help, I will arrange for them to see someone who can.

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