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BTEC Extended Certificate or Extended Diploma

Creative Digital Media Production

What is Creative Media Production?

This course offers you the skills and knowledge required to work within a professional media production context. You will have the opportunity to develop your practical production skills and be assessed throughout the duration of the course. You will gain experience of the planning and research which takes place in pre-production, develop the camera skills needed to film for TV, video and film production tasks and the editing and evaluation skills needed in post-production. You will also learn about how the film and TV industries operate, and how you can enter a career in these areas.

What Will You Study?

This is a two year course which involves developing the skills needed to plan and produce film, TV, radio and print texts. Studying for the BTEC in Creative Digital Media Production will enable you to approach your work like a professional in the media industry, having developed your research, filming, editing and communication skills.

Your work for this course will include the development of a portfolio of work which logs your progress, reflects your research and evaluates the skills you have developed. You will also learn how media products are consumed and how audiences interact with creative media products. In our extended units you will be given an opportunity to undertake work experience with media companies, and work for real clients producing advertisements and promotional videos.

What Next?

A BTEC in Creative Digital Media Production will allow you to study for a degree or other Higher Education course in media production. Completing this course will also give you the opportunity to create a show-reel which can be used to show to future employers or help you to progress onto Higher Education. You will also be able to study other courses such as Business, Marketing and ICT.

Exam Board:


Entry Requirements

At least five 4s at GCSE, including at least a 4 in GCSE English Language or Maths.

Course Type

BTEC Extended Certificate or Extended Diploma

What other subjects go well with this subject?

Business Studies, ICT, English, Graphic Communications, Sociology, Fine Art, Politics and History.

Did you know?

John Logie Baird’s first TV set was made from an old hat box, bicycle lights, scissors, darning needles, a tea chest and sealing wax.


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