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BTEC Extended Certificate

Applied Law

What is Applied Law?

The BTEC in Applied Law is an opportunity for students who are interested in a Law-related career, but prefer to be assessed through coursework rather than exams. You will take on a more practical approach to studying Law and gain an understanding of the work and skills involved in legal careers, such as Legal Executives and Paralegals. You will complete a number of assignments to develop your knowledge, analysis and evaluation of the law.

What Will You Study?

In BTEC Law, you will study aspects of legal liability in both Criminal and Civil Law, together with understanding law making and dispute solving.

In Criminal Law, you will have the opportunity to learn about elements of a crime (actus, reus and mens rea), nonfatal offences (common assault through to GBH) and sentencing (prison, fines, community sentences). Liability in Civil Law covers the elements of negligence and the award of damages available.

Understanding law making will provide you with an insight into the different types of laws and the procedures that must be followed.

Whilst studying dispute solving, you will learn about the courts and the people involved in the legal system, from highly skilled Judges to ordinary members of the community sitting on the Jury.

What Next?

Studying BTEC Law will equip you with skills that are highly regarded in the field of Law, such as research skills, time management skills, the ability to work as a team and to work independently within deadlines.

Students with BTEC Applied Law have a number of options available. This qualification can be considered together with other BTECs/A Levels to enable students to progress to university. Many students also consider apprenticeships and employment in law-related positions.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least five 4s at GCSE, including at least a 4 in English Language or Maths.

Course Type

BTEC Extended Certificate

What other subjects go well with this subject?

English Language, English Literature, History, Business, Sociology and Criminology.

Did you know?

Sometime around 2000, the child labour laws changed in the UK in order to film the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.


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