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Student Union

The Student Union is a group selected by current students to act as a link between the College staff and students.

They have representatives on the College’s governing body and work closely with senior management to generate new ideas, evaluate facilities and discuss students’ views, which ensures that the student body is represented.

Common roles of the Student Union include representing the College at open evenings and taster days, organising events throughout the year, raising money for local, national and international charities and seeking to promote healthy eating in a sustainable College.

Past events that the union have been involved in include the Leaver’s Ball, the year 11 College Induction Day and the Preston Guild 2012 Torchlight Procession. The current council have also created an on-site vegetable patch in the College to promote sustainable living.

Being part of the Student Union is often seen as an attractive quality when applying to many universities as it shows initiative and a sense of wanting to be part of and add to the College community.


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