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What is Spanish?

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, after English and Mandarin. There are more than 400 million Spanish speakers in the world, not just in Spain and South America, but also in the United States and even the Philippines. 25 different nations speak Spanish either as the official language or as a first language. In addition, it is one of the top five languages used in business, so speaking Spanish could also improve your job prospects in the future.

What Will You Study?

Studying a Modern Foreign Language at A Level will enable you to build on the skills that you have learnt at GCSE and deepen your understanding of the language, culture, society and history of the country of your chosen language. In addition, you will develop your grammatical knowledge and your spoken fluency further.

During your first year, you will study a film in your chosen language. You will also cover topics including; family structures, traditional and modern values, friendships/relationships/citizenship, youth trends, issues and personal identity, education and employment opportunities as well as Literature, the Arts, Cinema and Music in your chosen language’s country.

In your second year you will learn about discrimination and diversity, as well as migration and integration and the culture, history and politics of Spain from 1936 on wards. In addition, you will study, in detail, a fiction book in your chosen language.

What Next?

Any Modern Language is highly sought after by employers and is a great skill to possess in the current work market. Furthermore, top universities respect and recognise the demands of studying this subject and the wide array of transferable skills acquired by students who study a language at A Level. Languages can be combined with nearly any other subject at university. Many of our students choose to continue to study languages either on their own or as a combined programme after College. In the past students have studied more than one language at university, or combined their language with other subjects such as Business, Zoology, Linguistics, Drama, Economics, Law, History and even Physics and Medicine.

Exam Board

Eduqas (WJEC)

Entry Requirements

At least two 5s and three 4s at GCSE, including at least a 6 in Spanish.

Course Type

A Level

What other subjects go well with this subject?

Sciences, another Language, History, Law, Business Studies, Drama & Theatre Studies and English.

Did you know?

The Pope Tweets in 9 languages. His Spanish account has the most followers, closely followed by English.


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