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Religious Studies

What is Religious Studies

Religious Studies gives you the opportunity to discuss and debate big issues. It will give you the opportunity to explore your own beliefs, values and ideas as well as critically respond to those of others.

At a time when discussions of religion, religious beliefs and the relevance of a belief in God are constantly in the media, this course will give you the opportunity to engage with, and respond to, some of the most important questions facing society today. By the end of your study, you will be able to explain, interpret and compare religious beliefs and apply them to a range of philosophical and ethical issues.

What Will You Study?

The Religious Studies course has two main elements, a study of Philosophy of Religion and a study of Ethics.

As part of your study of Philosophy of Religion you will consider a range of different arguments for the existence of God, analyse the problem of evil and the impact this has on the reasonableness of belief in God and explore different ideas about the self, death and the afterlife.

As part of your study of Ethics, you will learn different ethical theories, applying them to issues of sexual ethics, embryo research, abortion and euthanasia, capital punishment, animal ethics and the use of animals for human purposes.

In addition to this content, you will conduct a study of different Christian beliefs and practices for the purpose of informing your understanding of the philosophical and ethical issues we discuss.

What Next?

As well as progressing to degrees in Religious Studies and Theology, past students have also studied subjects including History, Philosophy, Sociology, Law, English, Politics and Mathematics. As the need to understand religion becomes ever more important, combined degrees linking Religious Studies with other subjects, are also increasingly popular. Our students have gone on to lead successful careers in teaching, welfare services, law, politics, the civil service, management and accountancy.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least two 5s and three 4s at GCSE, including at least a 4 in English Language and Religious Studies (if studied).

Course Type

A Level

What other subjects go well with this subject?

Psychology, Health & Social Care, Sociology, History, English, Modern Foreign Languages, Philosophy, Law, Business Studies, Economics and Government and Politics.

Did you know?

In 2001, hundreds of thousands of people across the world listed their religion on censuses as Jedi.


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