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Physical Education

What is Physical Education

Physical Education brings together a fascinating range of topics, including Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Sociology, History and Technology. If you have a real love for Sport and like to analyse the world’s top players and teams, this could be the course for you. The diverse nature of this subject means that it complements many subjects and is highly attractive to potential employers and universities. It demonstrates knowledge in an array of sport-related disciplines and the nature of the work develops observation and analysis skills, which are highly sought in future employment or study.

What Will You Study?

On the course, you will study a wide range of topics, including Applied Anatomy and Exercise Physiology, Biomechanical Movement, Skill Acquisition, Sports Psychology, Sport and Society, and the role of Technology in Physical Activity and Sport. Within each area, there are many different topics that will be studied and applied to the study of Physical Education and elite level sport.

You will learn about how the body responds to exercise and physical activity, what factors might hold back an athlete and how appropriate training can improve performance, as well as how a person’s way of thinking might affect their performance and how they can use psychological skills to improve it. You will also learn how to apply the laws of physics to human biological systems.

What Next?

A large number of our students go to university to study degrees in Teaching, Sports Science, Physiotherapy, Medicine and Dentistry. We have strong links with a range of universities and a number of former students come back into College and speak to groups about their careers and experiences. Some students with exceptional performance backgrounds opt for scholarships at universities in the UK or USA.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least two 5s and three 4s at GCSE including at least a 4 in English Language and a 4 in PE (if studied).

Course Type

A Level

What other subjects go well with this subject?

Physical Education is seen as a Science subject but compliments all disciplines and can be combined with any other subjects.

Did you know?

If all 600 muscles in your body pulled in one direction, you could lift 25 tons.


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