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Graphic Communications

What is Graphic Communications?

Graphic Communications is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image. Graphic Design is all around us – the packaging we use, lettering, illustration, labels and brands that we see every day, advertising across a range of platforms – it’s all designed and created through the Graphic Design processes. Studying this subject will provide you with the opportunity to develop a large range of image making skills that can be applied and directed to further study and career opportunities.

What Will You Study?

You will explore image making processes, including developing your drawing skills, taking and using your own photographs, and extending these into further mark making, such as collage and printing. You will also be introduced to the professional practices of using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to edit and create images using this industry standard software.

The second units of each year will provide you with an exam theme to respond to, interpret and produce final outcomes in a timed examination. You will have the opportunity to work with live briefs and explore an independently sourced area of study, allowing you to demonstrate your passion and interests within graphics. Work is presented within sketchbooks and on design sheets, to create a diverse and visually exciting portfolio that is supported by in depth visual vocabulary and analysis.

What Next?

An A Level in Graphic Communications offers a wide range of Higher Education opportunities including; Architecture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising, Animation, Visual Communication, Web Design, Games Design, Multi-Media, Product Design, Packaging Design and Set Design.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least two 5s and three 4s at GCSE, including at least a 5 in GCSE Art or Graphic Design (NOT Graphic Products). If you have not previously studied GCSE Art or Graphic Design, we will send out a mini portfolio task for you to complete after you have finished your GCSEs in June.

Course Type

A Level

What other subjects go well with this subject?

Film Studies, Media Studies, English and Digital Photography.

Did you know?

In 1971, the iconic Nike logo was designed by a student named Carolyn Davidson for just $35!


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