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Your 2019 Entry Guide

Over the forthcoming year we will keep in touch with you in order to help you with your transition to Cardinal Newman College. Here is your 2019 entry guide.

Step 1: Do Your Research

You can pick up a copy of the College prospectus or download it directly from the College website, so start doing your research. You’ll also be able to see us in school, so get those questions ready! Read through your copy and discover the wide range of courses available to you.

Step 2: Come and Visit Us
October 2018 – February 2019

Open Events at the College start in October, so make sure you visit us at one! It’s a great way to find out what Newman has to offer. Click here to view all details of these events.

Step 3: Apply Online
October 2018 – February 2019

Applications to Cardinal Newman open in October. Simply go to the ‘Apply’ tab, read through the instructions and download our ‘How to Apply’ guide. The initial application deadline is February 10th 2019 so make sure yours is in on time! Any application form received after 10th February will be considered for an interview.

Step 4: Make a Good Impression
February – March 2019

Interviews will take place at College between February and March and are the first chance the College will have to meet you, so it is important to be prompt, enthusiastic and smart.

Step 5: Accept Your Place
February – April 2019

If you are successful, after your interview you will receive a conditional offer letter. You need to log into the ‘Newman Portal’ (details of how to do this will be in your offer letter) and accept your place at Cardinal Newman! You must do this within 5 days of receiving your offer letter.

Step 6: Newman Festival
June 2019

Once you have accepted your place at Cardinal Newman, you will be invited to attend Newman Fest on Friday 28th June 2019. It is a chance for you to test-drive the subjects that you have applied for and it will almost be like your first day at Newman. You will meet the teachers, some of your classmates and learn all about the exciting opportunities available to you once you have enrolled.

Step 7: Enrol at Newman
August 2019

If you have accepted your place at Cardinal Newman, you will receive a letter during the summer term with your enrolment date and time. GCSE results will be out on Thursday 22nd August 2019 and enrolment will take place from 22nd – 23rd August 2019. You need to confirm that you can attend this appointment. If you can’t, you must contact the College to arrange an alternative date.

When you enrol at College, you will need to bring your GCSE results with you as these will be checked during a one-to-one interview with a member of College staff. This will also be an opportunity to discuss any worries you may be having or course changes you would like to make. You will then have the opportunity to arrange and order your travel pass.

What if I am disappointed with my GCSE results? Don’t panic! If you haven’t quite received the results you were hoping for, you should still come to Newman for your enrolment appointment, where you will be able to speak to one of our friendly tutors about your options.

Step 8: Start at Newman
September 2019

September is here and the time has finally arrived for you to start at Newman! Don’t be nervous – everyone is really friendly and we will try our best to make you feel at home.


TELEPHONE: 01772 460181