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Modern History

What is A-Level Modern World History?

History is not the learning of facts; it’s rather the training of the mind to think.

Modern World History A-Level is not about the past; it is about the arguments we have about the past. It encourages students to inquire & create.  To know how to formulate analytical responses, to challenge & to question, to shape the question & develop the ability to pursue the line of inquiry.  This will develop the skills of knowing where to look, how to look, how to question, how to challenge, how to proceed independently, to deal with the challenges the modern technological world presents & the development of self-education whilst working in cooperation alongside others.

What Will You Study in A-Level Modern History?

  • The French Revolution and the rule of Napoleon 1774 - 1815
  • Britain from 1930 - 1997
  • Coursework (NEA) British Foreign Policy
  • Civil Rights in the USA 1865 - 1992

What Next after Completing A-Level Modern World History?

The Russell Group Universities regard History A-Level as the humanities subject of choice that allows entry to the most prestigious courses at the undergraduate level. It is seen as a traditional academic subject providing evidence of a student’s ability to independently produce detailed written arguments, reaching valid judgements based on a strong analysis of substantiating evidence. As a result, our students have utilised their acquired skills as a pathway into a wide range of highly competitive employment arenas such as; law; politics; public administration; education; media; business administration; marketing; heritage; archaeology & Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

What is the Exam Board for A-Level Modern World History?


What are the Entry Requirements for A-Level Modern World History?

At least five 5s at GCSE, including at least a 6 in History (if studied) and a 6 in English Language or English Literature.

Have you considered studying a Mixed Programme (A-Levels and BTECs)? Whether you’re on target to achieve five 5s in your GCSEs or not, there may still be an option to study A-Levels alongside a BTEC qualification at Newman.