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What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour.  Do you ever wonder why some people become aggressive and commit crimes? Have you ever questioned the extent to which individuals obey a person of authority? Have you ever thought about why some people have depression or phobias? Psychology will help you answer these questions and gain an insight into the motivations and reasons behind a range of behaviours.

What Will You Study?

The First Year:

In the first year you will cover 2 units – Research Methods and Psychological Themes through Core Studies. This includes looking at people’s responses to people in authority, how memory works and understanding various disorders.

What Next?

Students wishing to pursue Psychology after College can study it at university and ultimately have the opportunity to specialise in one of the many applied areas of Psychology such as Clinical or Forensic.  Further post graduate training would enable students to become an accredited Psychologist. The course also enables students to pursue many other degree courses and will be relevant to many future careers, including law, medicine and caring professions, human resources, teaching and marketing.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least two Bs and three Cs at GCSE, including at least a grade C (5) or above in Maths, GCSE English and a grade C in Science.

Course Type

A Level


Exam: 100%

Interesting Fact:

81% of Psychology students progressed to HE, 30% taking Psychology, joint Psychology or Psychology related degrees.

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