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Media Studies

What is Media Studies?

How can media producers guarantee success for their latest film or TV show? How much influence does Hollywood have on the film and TV industries in the United Kingdom? These are some of the questions you will consider if you choose to study Media at Cardinal Newman. The Media Studies department has a dedicated Mac suite and the equipment needed to produce high quality music videos, promotional campaigns, magazine and web-pages.

What Will You Study?

Studying an A Level in Media Studies enables you to move from being a consumer of media texts to becoming a critical reader of media texts. This course provides you with the opportunity to study how the media texts we all consume on a daily basis are constructed and will encourage you to think about and challenge the way different groups are represented in the media — men, women, the young, the old, the rich, the poor. You will also explore how audiences respond to texts — are we active or passive readers of the media texts we consume daily? Essay writing, research and analysis skills are, therefore, central to the course. Creative and practical skills are, however, also essential to this course and support the development of your understanding about how media texts work.


What Next?

An A Level in Media Studies can lead you to study on a variety of degree courses. You will also be well qualified through your experience of the practical coursework element to pursue more vocational courses linked to media production and digital technology. You will also be able to study other courses which involve digital technology and communication skills such as such as Business, Marketing and ICT.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least two Bs and three Cs at GCSE, including at least a grade C (5) in GCSE English Language.

Course Type

A Level


Exam: 50%          Coursework: 50%

Interesting Fact

In 2013 figures published by the Office for National Statistics show that after medicine, media studies is the UK’s most employable degree.

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