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Further Maths

What is Further Maths?

If you get a grade 7 in GCSE Maths, you should seriously consider studying Further Maths, as it develops some of the concepts met in A Level Maths and brings it to a higher plane. It attracts students who thoroughly enjoy the subject and are keen to extend their understanding and knowledge. It will appeal to you if Maths is one of your favourite subjects at school, as it gives you the chance to see a wide variety of fascinating topics, including some more demanding and abstract areas of Maths. Lessons are fast-paced, interesting and should really make you think!

What Will You Study?

September 2017 sees the introduction of a reformed Further Mathematics A Level. Students will sit four examinations at the end of Year 13. Two of these exams will be compulsory Pure Mathematics modules and the other two will be optional from Pure, Mechanics, Decision and Statistics modules.

What Next?

Nearly all of our A Level Further Maths students go on to university to study Maths or a Maths related degree subject, such as Physics, Engineering or Computer Science. Further Maths is often listed as a preferred or essential A Level subject by top universities for entry onto these degree courses.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least two Bs and three Cs at GCSE plus at least a Grade A (7) in GCSE Mathematics.

NOTE You must also be studying AS Maths at college as part of your course of study.

Course Type

A Level


Exam: 100%

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