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Your First Day

Your First Day at Cardinal Newman College

What do I need to bring on my first day?

On your first day, make sure you are prepared to start college life with some basic stationary! Ensure you have a pen, some paper and perhaps a folder where you can store any resources you are given from day one. You might also want to bring some money for food and drink.

How do I find my way around college and what can I do if I don’t know where my lesson is?

Ask someone! Our Student Mentors will be around during induction to help you find your lessons. They will be wearing an orange lanyard and are more than happy to help! We also have a college map available here.

What are the different buildings and how will I know which one I am supposed to be in?

We have 9 buildings on site are college: St. Bede’s, St. Wilfrid’s, St. Cecilia’s, St. James’, St. Francis, St. Mary’s, St. Augustine’s, St. Teresa’s and our brand new building St. John Henry. On your timetable the room number will start with a letter which tells you which building to be in e.g. B for St. Bede’s.

Timetable Queries

How can I access my timetable?

You can access your timetable via your Cedar account.

How do I log into CEDAR?

You can log into cedar using your college T Number and password. These are the same credentials you would need to access your college email, Teams and to log on to any computer at College.

 What do the different blocks on the timetable mean?

Our timetable is made up of blocks A-F. You will be given a block per subject e.g. Sociology in B block. That means that every time it is B block on the timetable you will have your Sociology lesson. The blocks may be at different times every day.

Can I change my subjects if I am not happy with them?

Newman Extra runs throughout September during which time you will have the option to change your subjects if you don’t feel it is the right fit for you.

How long am I expected to work outside of lessons each week?

It is advised that you spend 4 hours per subject, per week outside of lesson time doing independent study.

Asking for Help

Where do I go for support?

If you need any help with anything you can speak with any member of staff. You will have your teachers as well as your Achievement Tutor and Senior Tutor for pastoral support.

What can I do if someone is bullying me?

The College has a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and any incidents are dealt with appropriately. Speak with your Achievement Tutor if you are worried or concerned about yourself or anyone else.

What should I do if I forget or lose my lanyard?

If you forget your lanyard you will need to sign in at reception and get a sticker. If you lose your lanyard head to the Student Advice Hub in the St Francis Building to purchase a new one.

What to do if your student ID card breaks?

If your ID card breaks, head to the Student Advice Hub to get it sorted.

Campus Life

What facilities does Newman have?

We have a lot facilities on site including a Gym, Library, Climbing wall, Starbucks, Costa, chapel, canteen and learning zones!

Are there any food places around the campus?

Yes. We have a Starbucks, sandwich bar and pizza counter and a canteen in St Bede’s building. We also have a Costa pod outside on the grounds and a Costa in St. Augustine’s building.

Where are all the spaces dedicated to studying around campus?

We have lots of study areas around college, including quiet study and computer facilities. Our main library is located in St. Bede’s building.

Are there any prayer facilities, where are they and how can you access them?

We do. We have the college chapel in St. Bede’s building and designated prayer room is St. Teresa’s

Free Time

What extra-curricular activities can I get involved with?

We have lots of trips and visits across various departments, lots of sporting opportunities, NCS, Duke of Edinburgh, Chaplaincy, CAFOD, Young Enterprise as well joining the Student Union Team or the Student Mentor Team.

What can I do in my free blocks and am I allowed off site?

We would advise you use your free blocks to get in some independent study done in one of our study areas or the library, attend CP and have your lunch. You might also want to use this time to get involved with activities in and around college. You can also head off site during free blocks if you wish as long as you are not required to attend any meetings with teachers/tutors or CP during that time. You must also make sure you are back on site for your timetabled lessons.

Money and Payments

What financial support does Newman offer?

We offer bursary support for eligible students which you can apply for on our website. Head to our Student Advice Hub to find out more.

How do I login to WisePay?

You can search for WisePay on the college website. New students need to sign in with the email you applied to College with and click forgotten password to generate a password for you to use.


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