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Newman Students to Run Barnardo’s for the Day

Cardinal Newman students, Ellie Reed and David Corr will be taking over some of the top jobs at Barnardo’s on Monday as part of the Takeover Challenge.

Takeover is a fun, hugely successful and exciting children and young people’s engagement project, which sees organisations across England opening their doors to young people to take over adult roles.

The purpose of the event, which this year takes place on 20 November, is to have young people take over organisations for the day and learn about the world of work. It puts young people into decision-making positions and encourages organisations and businesses to hear their views. Young people gain an insight into the adult world and organisations benefit from a fresh perspective about their work.

In Lancashire, the challenge is extended throughout the whole month of November when a whole range of opportunities are given over to young people’s Takeover events. It’s been hugely successful in previous years with thousands of organisations and young people taking part, learning new skills, gaining confidence and spreading the ideas of Takeover Challenge across the country.

Nine young people are attending the Barnardo’s Operational Managers Group Meeting in Crewe on Monday 9th November where they will be running mock interviews and a dragon’s den style activity in order to decide which children’s service will be awarded £40,000 to fund their services.

Ellie and David, who are both part of the Essential Skills course at Cardinal Newman, have attended several planning meetings in their own time to prepare for a takeover event of Barnardo’s.  This event will allow young people to make decisions and have their opinions heard on issues that directly affect them, to the managers of the West region within Barnardo’s.

A spokesperson for Barnardo’s said: “We are hopeful that in attending this experience, Ellie and David will improve their skill set and have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way with directors of children’s services in the region.”

David said: “I am very excited about it. I have been to lots of meetings in Crewe. I am going to be taking the role of Chair Person for the day.”

Ellie will take the role of Supervisor and is also looking forward to the experience.



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