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Nawaar is Doing it for the Girls!

Newman student Nawaar Patel took part in the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls competition, which pitted her against over 1,700 other girls from across the UK. Nawaar, who is studying A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, was within the top 25% of all entries, earning herself a Certificate of Distinction and an invite to compete in other Olympiads which are organised for later in the year. These can then lead to representing the UK at European and International Mathematical Olympiads.

The Mathematical Olympiad for Girls event is run by the UK Maths Trust, and aims to encourage and nurture the mathematic talents of young female mathematicians. An example of the types of questions that Nawaar was faced with is:

“A positive integer is said to be jiggly if it has four digits, all non-zero, and no matter how you arrange those digits you always obtain a multiple of 12. How many jiggly positive integers are there?”

Congratulations Nawaar!


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