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Lessons from Auschwitz

Lessons from Auschwitz is a project run by the Holocaust Educational Trust. Their mission is to educate young people about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned from it for today. The Lessons from Auschwitz project is a big part of the mission because it gives students the opportunity to visit Poland; it is based on the idea that ‘hearing is not like seeing’.

The project is open to 16-18 year old students in post-16 education studying any subject and from any ethnic or religious background. All our A2 Religious Studies students were given the opportunity to apply for the course and four were selected: Heidi Turner (Holy Cross High School), Niamh McKevitt (St Cecilias High School), Adam Tempest (Lancaster Royal Grammar School) & James Beetham (Our Ladys Fulwood).

The course consists of four stages:

  1. Students attended a seminar where they discussed, with all the other North West students who were taking part, the origins of the Holocaust and prepared for the visit to Poland.
  2. They went on a one-day visit to Auschwitz Birkenau.
  3. They attended a follow-up seminar reflecting on their experiences and preparing for ‘Next Steps’.
  4. ‘Next Steps’ is sharing their experiences with their local community in a way they choose. As part of this our four students, taking part, will be giving a presentation to our AS Religious Studies classes.

Our students, especially, stood out as being particularly impressive when responding to the discussion questions in the seminar and have since been contacted to see if they would take part in the Lancashire Holocaust Memorial Day celebrations, which are taking place in Preston on the 27th January.

Heidi Turner, one of our students involved in the project, had this to say about taking part, “By taking part in the Lessons from Auschwitz programme, I believe that I have learnt so much about the events of the Holocaust. The visit to the camp itself is indescribable and incredibly moving, inspiring me to educate more people on the events that took place. I feel that it is necessary for us, as ambassadors, to continue this work to respect those involved and to spread the message for those who are unable to do so. It is essential that we do not let History repeat itself and people are encouraged to speak out in the face of injustice.”

In relation to this College will be hosting a talk from Holocaust survivor, Joanna Millan, on Wednesday 28th January as part of the Holocaust Memorial Day and the theme for the year, ‘Keep the Memory Alive’. The talk is primarily for AS RS students, although others are welcome if there are any spaces left and they are free at the time of the talk, 1.15pm-2.45pm (CNC students only).



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