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Cardinal Newman College news

Interfaith Week 2014

16th-22nd November.

Inter Faith Week:

  • Highlights the good work done by local faith, inter faith and faith-based groups and organisations
  • Draws new people into inter faith learning and cooperation
  • Enables greater interaction between people of different backgrounds
  • Helps develop integrated and neighbourly communities
  • Celebrates diversity and commonality
  • Opens new possibilities for partnership

By coming together to celebrate cultural and religious diversity in this way, as a college community, we are able to develop a deeper understanding and improved interaction between students of different backgrounds which in turn creates a stronger more neighbourly community.

For this year’s Interfaith week the RE department arranged for a great selection of talks, debates, workshops and stalls for students to be involved in. These included charity stalls, Bollywood and Belly dancing workshops and performances, selections of different religious and cultural cuisines to sample; Open Mic and much more.

By the end of the week we had welcomed almost 40 speakers and visitors to the college, delivered over 15 separate events and had almost 10 separate charity stalls.

Mark Tierney and RanaShihadah in the RE department and who organised the week had this to say,   “For us, Interfaith Week was about celebration and information. We live in a wonderfully diverse society yet there is still a lot of misinformation about different cultural and religious groups. Through events like this, and the RE programme we deliver, we can break down these boundaries and prepare our students for life in the 21st Century.”


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