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BTEC Music

What is BTEC Music?

BTEC Music is a two year course that can be studied alongside other BTECs and A Levels. It is a well-rounded programme of study which prepares you for many aspects of work within the Music Industry. Students will focus on Performance, Composition, Musicianship and Professional Practice, all of which are essential skills for anyone wanting to work in the music industry.

What Will You Study?

You will study the art of performance and be assessed not only on how you play but how much you have improved through your practice regime. You will perform as a soloist and as part of an ensemble to a live audience at a concert that you have helped to plan.

You will learn about how music is put together and through your own composition portfolio you will demonstrate that you can write interesting and well developed music.

At all times you will be encouraged to develop your musicianship skills through rehearsing, performing, listening to and composing music. Your assessments in BTEC Music encourage you to work like a professional musician. You must keep to deadlines, consider Health and Safety and use music technology to develop your creativity.

What Next?

Music can lead you into an exciting and creative career in the music and media industries. The skills that you will develop are essential for working as a Performer, as a Composer or Producer, in a recording studio, in Radio and in theatres and live music venues. There are a wide range of vocational and academic higher education courses available in this subject area.

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

At least five Cs at GCSE.

Students who enrol onto this course must be able to play at least one instrument to a competent level. For more detail please contact the Music Department.

Course Type

BTEC Extended Certificate

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