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What Our Students Say

Our students really enjoy studying at Cardinal Newman. Our aim as a college is to provide an environment that is happy, safe and supportive to encourage not only exam success but the development of the whole person.

Here is what our students say about us:

Faye Withers

Previous School: Holy Cross

Subjects: A Levels in Textiles, Fine Art and French

“I was really impressed with the Art Department which was important to me when choosing a College as I am studying two art subjects. I have enjoyed the freedom that is given to students here, particularly with my artwork. I have enjoyed seeing my work improve during my time here.”

Shyam Patel

Previous School: Our Lady’s Catholic High School

Subjects: BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Digital Media Production

“ I chose Newman because it had the perfect course for me. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends as well as being able to complete more practical work. Newman is a great place where you can get a great education whilst having lots of fun!”

Luke Garside

Previous School: St Bede’s Lytham

Subjects: A Levels in Psychology, Media Studies and BTEC Information Technology

“ I had heard lots of good things about Newman before I applied for my place and it has certainly lived up to its great reputation. I highly recommend the college, it has definitely exceeded my expectations and I have had a great experience.”

James Morrissey

Previous School: Holy Cross

Subjects: A Levels in Film Studies, Economics and Spanish

“ Newman has a great reputation amongst the former students that I know and it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere when you visit. There is a great range of things to do at College with supportive teachers in each subject. It’s been a big learning curve with some great people!”

Grace Hall

Previous School: All Hallows

Subjects: A Levels in Dance, History and BTEC Dance

“ I chose to study at Newman as it allowed me to combine both a BTEC and A level. I have had an amazing overall experience and met lots of new people and had some great opportunities.”

Ella Hornby

Previous School: Longridge High School

Subjects: A Levels in English Combined, Early Modern History and BTEC Health & Social Care

“ I love the freedom of independent study and the choice to learn more in depth about the subjects that I am genuinely interested in. Newman has been an inspiring and motivating place to do more of the things that I love.”

Phoebe Oakes

Previous School: St Michael’s

Subjects: A Levels in Religious Studies, Law and Sociology

“ I decided to study at Newman as I had heard lots of positive things about the college, after much researching I felt it was the right fit for me based on the subjects I wanted to study. The teachers are excellent and give great advice and support.”

Rebecca Clayton

Previous School: Penwortham Girls

Subjects: A Levels in Geography, English Literature and Politics

“ The friendly atmosphere at Newman was and Economics. one of the reasons I decided to study here and I have had a great experience. I would advise anyone looking at College’s not to be swayed by what their friends are doing and focus on the courses and College that is right for you.”

Alison Rigby

Previous School: Brownedge St Mary’s

Subjects: A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science

“ College is really different to High School, but it has been really enjoyable. I choose Newman after visiting on a Taster Day, I preferred the way that the subjects were taught and loved the campus and the grounds.”

Luke Christie

Previous School: Leyland St Mary’s

Subjects: BTEC Diploma in Sport and A Level Geography

“ I would really recommend Newman because it’s a great place to be. It’s the most welcoming place around and I have really enjoyed making new friends so quickly and the subjects that I have chosen.”

Evie Barclay

Previous School: St Michael’s

Subjects: A Levels in Physical Education, Biology and Psychology

“ I had heard so many great things about Newman from past students, and I feel it has a great welcoming atmosphere, everyone is always happy & friendly and the teaching staff are extremely supportive.”

Chris Ashworth

Previous School: Albany Academy

Subjects: A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics

“ I have always felt really comfortable and at home at Newman, even when I was here for a taster day everyone was really friendly and welcoming. The staff here are incredibly supportive and I have had so many fantastic opportunities available to me. After Newman I hope to study Maths at Warwick University.”

Jamie Edwards

Previous School: Priory

Subjects: A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics

“ I got the amazing opportunity to visit CERN with Physics, which was fantastic. I have also enjoyed working with other students in my favourite subjects, Newman has been a great place to learn and make new friends. After college I hope to go to either Durham or St Andrews university.”

Sarah Royle

Previous School: Carr Hill

Subjects: A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and EPQ

“ My favourite thing about Newman has been the freedom, the college allows you to be independent and organise your learning. There is a strong support network here and whilst the work has been tough, it has been enjoyable. After College I hope to go to Cambridge or Durham University.”

Karolina Lebioda

Previous School: Christ the King

Subjects: A Levels in Economics, Business Studies and Accounting

“ I met the fantastic teachers at the Open Day, so knew that Newman was the place for me. I have really enjoyed working more independently and the ability to be flexible about how and when I do my work due to the study periods. Newman is the best place to develop and expand your knowledge. I have met loads of lovely people and made lots of friends.”

Alex Hobin

Previous School: Brownedge St Mary’s

Subjects: A Levels in Business Studies, Accounting and Graphic Communications

“ I chose Newman because I felt like it was the best place to help me for my future. I have really enjoyed the lessons as we are always learning something new. I think it’s important not to rush your decision about College and don’t just pick what your friends are doing.”

Hope Hamilton

Previous School: Wellfield

Subjects: A Levels in Psychology, English Combined and BTEC Health & Social Care

“ Newman had the best results in the area and I really like the feel of the campus as there was always a warm welcome when I visited on Open Days. I would advise anyone looking at Colleges to choose the one that they feel most excited to join and has the right courses for you – don’t feel limited to your closet College, there are so many options! I would recommend Newman to anyone as they really care, not only about your educational progress but also about your well-being and happiness.”

Jannat Butt

Previous School: Corpus Christi

Subjects: BTECS in Children’s Play, Learning & Development, Health & Social Care and A Level Sociology

“ I chose Newman because of the courses that were available, it’s important that you think about which College offers the best courses for you when applying. After College, I hope to go to university to study Midwifery or children’s nursing. I have had a great experience that I will never forget!”

Reece Jackson

Previous School: All Hallows

Subjects: BTEC in Travel and Tourism and Applied Law

“ I decided to study at Newman because IT has a great variety of courses on offer to choose from which really appealed to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and learning new topics. The college is very welcoming and has a great atmosphere.”


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