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Ofsted Report

What The Inspectors Say –
Cardinal Newman College Ofsted Inspection

In May 2009 the College once again opened its doors to inspectors from Ofsted. Staff and students alike were delighted with the results of this latest Ofsted inspection with officials declaring that; “Cardinal Newman is an outstanding Catholic college in every aspect.”

The scope of this inspection took into account; Cardinal Newman’s most recent self assessment report and development plans, comments from the local Learning and Skills Council (LSC), the previous Ofsted inspection report, reports from the inspectorate annual assessment visits or quality monitoring inspection and data on learners and their achievement over the period since the last inspection.

“The high standards from the last inspection have been improved upon year-on-year and the students’ achievements now place the College at the very top of sixth form college performance tables.”

Inspectors use a four-point scale to summarise their judgements about effectiveness of provision, capacity to improve, achievements and standards, quality of provision, leadership and management and equality of opportunity. This scale ranges from grade 1, ‘outstanding’, to grade 4, ‘inadequate’. Impressively, Cardinal Newman College was rated as ‘outstanding’ in all of the assessed areas!

“…a centre of educational excellence for the community built on faith, respect and trust.”

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